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Damith de Silva


BSc (BE) Hons, MSc (Arch), AIA (SL), RIBA (UK), ASID (USA), MIM (SL), OPA (SL), CPM,IEPSL,IAENG,IMSL,PRMIA, National Trust- Sri Lanka, Senior Lecturer University of Moratuwa

An individual in practice since the year of 1990 and was privileged enough to reveal the world with a number of veteran architects in our nation. Served both in the Private as well as the public sector in the range of Sri Lanka, New Zealand, and Australia. These meticulous years of practice has given much accent to interior projects and bespoke individual housing projects.


Membership No:A0371

Our Practice

The Architecture of ancient Sri Lanka displays a rich variety of architectural forms and styles for centuries. Respecting this unique History, culture, Heritage, society and as a Sri Lankan conscientious Practicing Architect with SLIA and other Allied Asian Architectural institute memberships has an obligation to perform duties with dignity and esteem should create better places where all society, and make all types
of communities should contentedly livable.

“Architect Damith De Silva’ has been an individual architectural practice, for the past 25 years in Sri Lanka with highly capable, creative, talented, and responsible design team. We offer a full range of comprehensive consulting services in architecture, Landscape, interior and furniture design.

We provide renovations, Alteration and Restoration services too.

To act as the channel in between the clients & Dreams and making them a reality using the many essential doctrines of Architecture.

The architecture of the firm responds to the specifics of site and clients’ needs, is inventive regarding budget, respond a pro-active approach to the ability of building, and endeavors to create spaces that engage people.

Without inflicting contradicting environments, the objectives are to blend the framework with natural environments. The objectives also include promoting comfort to the clients with projects sensibilities, conceptualization running down to documentation, administration and completion.

Key factors to the firm’s success are the differences made in client lives. The highly loyal staff gives priority in achieving architectural solutions for client dreams with swift decisions when needed and understanding.

Impartial judgment throughout the project with a responsible and constant service.

Not to make, support with any statement, written or otherwise, which is contrary to the own knowledge or bona fide professional opinion, or which is known to be misleading, or unfair to others or otherwise may discredit the profession

Above all to maintain and respect confidentiality of all clients in all matters.

Our Services



“Displayed tremendous potential and scope for growth potential and scope for growth from inception until completion.I am highly satisfied with Archt.Damith De Silva’s architecture designs and his consultation throughout the project.His team is very dedicated and highly skillfull.”


” Very professional in conduct and easy to work with. Construction was completed with minimal alteration to initial plan”


” This is a firm that truly listen to the owners, users and consultants and responds with competent solutions.Demonstrated his/their capabilities and skills as competent professionals.Project has been successfully completed within the expected time duration.”

Dr.Niroj Roshan

“We highly recommended the firm of Damith De Silva for architectural consultancy”


“I appreciate his co-ordination,patience and tolerance for my high demands. Had creative minds and are capable of coming-up with superb architectural designs ideas.Proven to be an asset and displayed the leadership qualities, management skills and exceptional hard work. I am highly satisfied with Damith.”


“Damith and the team works at on amazing pace”


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